Here’s a picture from OLBA on how the jack should be respotted.
Remember the new rule: no “killing” an end anymore!

District 3 Pairs Playdown, Thamesford LBC, 10 June 2017

Wonderful day for a playdown. Perfect weather, the greens running very well. About 11 seconds in the morning and a bit faster as the day went along. Congratulations to all the players for the 100% effort. Special congrat’s to the winners and good luck/bowling at the Provincials.

Men: Wayne Wright, Jim Roth
Ladies: Sue Roth, Laurie Roth

Many thanks for all the work Tony put in to get the greens ready for the day. He put a lot of work into marking the greens for the new re-spot rule. The large
T on each end (which had been very carefully located) made bowling to the T when needed relatively easy. The bowler could see the target!
Nice work by Moe and Gerry doing the umpire duties. Kept the games on the straight and narrow!

OLBA ANNUAL FALL MEETING – Saturday Oct 15, 2016
By: Linda Hawkin
• OLBA dues will increase by $6 ($4 to OLBA, $2 to BCB) in 2017

• 150th Anniversary celebration Heritage grants will be available – check OLBA for details
o New Horizon is a source of easily obtainable grants – $25K maximum
o Phillip Francis will provide letter of approval for securing one of these

• Volunteer of the Year awards details are on Page 33 of the Annual. Contact Phillip Francis for details – francis@olba.ca
o Membership numbers by province are: BC – 4,392; ON – 6,740; SK – 345 (an increase from 251 last year). Ontario had 1,137 new members but lost 1,163 for a total loss of 26.

• A BCB video, made at Highland Park LBC, is available to any club who wishes to use it. It has demonstrations of delivery and new bowlers in a coaching session.

• Leaside LBC and many others across Canada have taken part in the Cystic Fibrosis Long Summer Nights bowling program. (BC has earned $1M to date and ON is hoping to meet that target next year.) These are bowling nights held on four Thursday evenings in July. Again, details from Phillip Francis.

• Clubs are responsible for making/laminating their own cards to which OLBA members can attach their annual stickers. Laminating is not compulsory.

• The Ontario club gaining the most new members in 2016 was Burlington with 53 joining and 10 Juniors. District 14 has the largest Junior membership.

• Frank Pring of Caledonia and Anna Maria Schultz of Monora were mentioned as 50-year bowlers.

• OLBA is looking for clubs to host a maximum of four coaching clinics, if not at the beginning of the season, July is a possibility. Cost is $70 per person. Player development camps will be held again in 2017, venues TBA. Cost $30 pp.

• Championship participation was down 30% in 2016. A return to the 2015 format was voted on and approved at the meeting.

• New board members: President Ken Simpson (Elora Rocks), Vice-President Phillip Francis (Leaside), Treasurer John Fantin* (Tilbury), Secretary Ian Howard* (Oakville); Directors at Large (2 year term) -Dave Burrows (Burlington), Ron Charles (Richmond Hill), Tom Roth (Dresden), Steve Schuknecht (Chesley); Directors at Large (1 year term) – Jason Currie (Windsor), Steve St Pierre (Dresden), Gladys Williams (Meaford), Thomas Wu (Willowdale).

• Breda McClung of Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers Ltd (the present provider of group insurance cover for all OLBA clubs) presented a proposal for club’s commercial property coverage. For a $60,000 policy ($1,000 deductible) it would provide the following cover: ”All Risks”; EDP Equipment Data & Media $50,000; Flood – $10,000 deductible; Money $ Securities (Destruction/Disappearance) $10,000; Replacement Cost on contents; Sewer backup – Full Property Limits; Earthquake – $50,000 deductible; Extra Expense $25,000. The proposed cost is $250 plus 8% tax per club. As not enough club reps had knowledge of their present insurance coverage, the matter was deferred to the Spring Meeting for a vote to accept or reject this offer. The coverage period of the policy can be changed from Jan-Jan to a later date since the matter is being deferred. She also noted that the liquor part of the policy is being removed.

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