Ladies Luncheon 2017

Ladies Rule at Norwich Lawn Bowling Club

Report & Photo Credit: Linda Hawken

Well, since the only men present on July 3rd were those in the kitchen, preparing the green or in the office, it’s not surprising that all winners at the Ladies’ Pairs tournament were all ladies. It was hosted by Marie-Jose Vanderhaegen and Oxford InstaShade and welcomed ten teams from Thamesford, Embro, Aylmer, Stratford, St George and of course Norwich.

As usual at this event, a delicious meal (cold cuts thanks to Norwich Packers) was prepared by the ladies of the club and served by Graham Darmon, Henk Couwenberg and Roger Abraham. These men also cleaned up after the meal too! Tony Hawken was the Drawmaster for the day, assisted by Roger Abraham, and did a fine job of getting teams paired up in a timely manner for each of the three 12-end games.

Winning the tournament, with three wins and 48+9 points, was the Thamesford team of Sue Roth and Deanna Palmer. With 2 wins were the following teams: 2nd place – Brenda Darmon and Marilyn Robillard of Norwich (41 points), 3rd place – Roberta Wilson and Corrie Hooghiem of Aylmer (36+5 points) and 4th place – Donna McLellan and Candace Teetzel also of Norwich (33+7 points). With one win and the highest number of aggregate points (32+3), in 5th place were Linda Hawken (Norwich) and Lesley Kurn (Stratford).

Norwich Canada District 3 BBQ

Held at Norwich Lawn Bowling Club, the inaugural District 3 BBQ took place on June 29th. In view of the nearness of Canada’s 150 Birthday, most players dressed in red and white. Bowlers attended from Thamesford, Embro, Woodstock and of course Norwich Lawn Bowling Clubs. Looking forward to the next one!
Report and Photos: Linda Hawken

Fair Weather for Lawn Bowlers

Reporting: Linda Hawken, VP Norwich LBC
Photo Credit: Nev Williams, Norwich LBC

Well the weathermen were wrong again but fortunately so for the sixteen teams that met at Norwich Lawn Bowling Club to take part in the White Coad (Lawyers) Tournament played on June the 19th. It was a perfect day for lawn bowling with a mix of sun and clouds and not a drop of rain in sight. Good weather, good friends and a good competitive spirit aplenty!

In the kitchen, keeping the lawn bowlers well supplied with refreshments throughout the day, were Elaine Balpataky and her husband David Joyce.

When three games had been played, two teams had won all of them. With the most points and winners of the tournament were Carman and Clare Morris of Hagersville. In second place, having 10 fewer points than the Morris’, were Jenny and Joe Vries of Embro.

Carmen & Clare Morris, Hagersville LBC

Joe & Jennie Vries, Embro LBC

Richard Learn and his wife Marlene of Norwich placed third, with two wins; also with two wins but fewer points was the team of Frank Pring and Anne Harris of Ancaster; another two-game winning team was that of Tony Hawken of Norwich with Ruby DuFeu of Burlington. With one win and the highest number of points for those who also won one game, and taking fifth place were Dave Bell of Ancaster and Laura Ritchie of St George.

3rd Dick & Marlene Learn, Norwich LBC

4th. Frank Pring & Anne Harris, Ancaster LBC

5th. Tony Hawken Nowich LBC & Ruby Defeu, Burlington LBC

Hi-Aggregate. Dave Bell, Ancaster LBC & Laura Ritchie, St. George LBC

Other south-western towns represented by teams in the tournament were Woodstock, Thamesford, Simcoe and Stratford.

Drawmasters for the day were Kathleen Welch and Tony Hawken.

Do you have a mental picture of lawn bowlers? One that includes old people wearing white clothes? Well, you will be in for a surprise if you attend a tournament. Yes, some lawn bowlers still prefer to wear whites but more and more colours are showing up on the greens and both members of a team should be in the same colours. The Canadian National team, for instance, have very distinctive red and white shirts (what else?) and the design changes yearly. Looking at the pictures with this article you will see that white clothes are no long compulsory. Of course, for social lawn bowling sessions – which take place at Norwich LBC on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 pm – anything casual goes but flat-soled shoes are a must for the sake of the grass.

If you would like to learn more about lawn bowling or find out more about the Norwich club, call Kathleen on 519-863-5635 or Linda on 519-409-0202. Lessons are always free and you may use the club’s bowls while you are learning the game. It’s a great one for all ages from 9 to 99 and family groups are always welcome. Lawn Bowling – The Game for Life!

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Rolling Out the Bowls Again

Report by: Linda Hawken
Vice Pres/Publicity

On June 5th, Norwich Lawn Bowling Club held one of its nine annual tournament, this one hosted by McFarlan Rowland Insurance and the RC Legion Branch 190. Once more, sixteen teams were in attendance so all eight of our rinks were in use. Teams traveled from Ancaster, Port Dalhousie, Hagersville, Thamesford, Woodstock, Aylmer, St Marys, London, Stratford and Kitchener and four local (Norwich) teams competed as well. Despite a foggy start to the day and the threat of afternoon thunderstorms, no delays were encountered due to weather – or anything else, for that matter!

In the kitchen (as well as playing all three games) were Richard and Marlene Learn who did an excellent job as usual, keeping the bowlers well fed between games and at lunch, with snacks, and hydrated with water, punch, tea and coffee.

The Drawmaster for the day, after President Kathleen Welch had welcomed everyone to the tournament, was Tony Hawken who kept the games moving right along which made for a nice early finish to the day.

Leading the pack and winning three games with a score of 45 points were Sue and Jim Roth of Thamesford who placed First.
In second place, also with three wins but 39 points were Nev Williams and Donna McLellan of Norwich.
Third place went to Carman and Clare Morris of Hagersville who won two games and had a points total of 44.
Coming in fourth was another Norwich team – Roger Abraham and Marilyn Robillard – with two wins and 39+5 points.
Peter Kurn and his wife Lesley of Stratford had two wins and 39 points and placed fifth, only being beaten by Roger and Marilyn by the +5 points.
The team with one win and the highest aggregate number of points over the three games was that of Norm and Mary Smith of Kitchener who accumulated 33+7 points.

Lawn bowling has often been compared to curling, except it’s not played on ice and it’s played outdoors. Also, instead of a painted target on the ice, players in lawn bowling aim for a small white ball called the “jack”. A bowl touching the jack has a chalk mark put on it by the team’s captain (called the “Skip”). If that marked bowl should be hit and knocked into the ditch (which borders all four sides of the green and is usually filled with sand), it is left there whereas any other bowl that is delivered and ends up in the ditch is “dead” and removed from the ditch. If the marked bowl is the closest bowl to the jack at the end of play, it is counted as part of the score for that end.

Want more explanation about the game of lawn bowls or want to hear about the Norwich club? Give one of us a call and we’ll be glad to enlighten you or tell you more about the club – Kathleen on 519-863-5635 or Linda on 519-409-0202. Social games are played every Tuesday and Thursday evening, games starting at 7 pm. Directions to the club are on our website: Free instruction will be given as well as use of the club bowls while you learn; please wear flat-soled shoes (sneakers are fine).

Pictured below:

Photo credit: Linda Hawken

Here We Roll Again!

Report written by: Linda Hawken, VP, NLBC

Norwich Lawn Bowling Club held its first tournament of the 2017 season on Wednesday May 24th, sponsored by Old Theatre Flowers of Norwich who provided beautiful floral arrangements and plants as part of the prizes awarded. Despite a rainy forecast, the day turned out perfect for rolling those bowls down the green to see who could come closest to the little white jack, the target. Often, that bowl was replaced by one delivered by another on the opposing team, but that’s the way the game goes! It’s never over until the last bowl has reached the opposite end of the green.

Sixteen teams from around clubs in the District (there are 16 Districts in Ontario) attended and the Norwich club was well-represented as well. Three games of 12 ends were played over the course of the day.

The following teams ended up at the top of the scoreboard.

In first place were Gary Moore (Woodstock) and his partner Deanna Palmer (Thamesford) who managed to win all 3 games and had the highest total number of points: 44.
Second place went to Frank Pring (Ancaster) and Carol Broughton (Hagersville) also with 3 wins but only 40 points.
Third place went to Dave Bell (Port Dalhousie) and Katherine Smith (Ancaster) with 2 wins and 46+8 points.
In fourth place were Laura Ritchie and Jan McLean (St George) who had 2 wins with 41+4 points.
The team achieving the highest aggregate number of points over 3 games but with only 1 win was the Norwich team of Graham & Brenda Darmon who had 40+1 points.

You may be wondering how a team can achieve a score with a plus (+). Over the course of a game, lawn bowling rules specify that there is a maximum number of points that can be scored. That number is determined by multiplying the number of ends played in each game (in this case 12) by 1.5, resulting in a score of 22. Thus, a team that scores over 22 points in a game would score 22+x, ‘x’ being the number of points over 22 that were actually achieved.

If all that sounds complicated to you, don’t worry – help it at hand. Attend any of our evening social lawn bowling sessions, starting at 7 pm, and free instructions will be given as well as an introduction to how the game is played. Until you’ve been lawn bowling for a season or more, you probably won’t have to worry too much about how the scoring is done as you’ll be on a team, but it’s always nice to know as much as you can about a game when you get to enjoy it as much as you are sure to do with this one.

For more information about the club or the game of lawn bowling, call Kathleen on 519-863-5635 or Linda on 519-409-0202.