Norwich Packers Tournament

Reporting: Edith Cavin

On Tuesday September 20, 2016, the Norwich Lawn Bowling Club held the Norwich Packers Mixed Pairs/Ladies Pairs Tournament. This was the makeup date for a tournament that got rained out (yes, we did actually have enough rain one day to cancel a tournament) in August.

Just like the previous week’s tournament, there were 12 teams from across Southwestern Ontario participating, including teams from London, Stratford, Thamesford & Simcoe. It was perfect bowling weather, with the temperature in the mid 20s, although the humidity was still a factor.

At the end of the day, it was the home club team of Nev Williams and Donna McLellan who emerged victorious as the only team with 3 wins. The team of Dave Bell and Sandy Ronson from Fairmont LBC placed second, Joe and Jenny Vries of Embro were 3rd and Peter and Lesley Kurn of Stratford placed fourth. The team of Tony Van den Hurk and Mary Faludi from Simcoe won the 1 game high aggregate prize.


This was the last official district tournament of the 2016 season for the Norwich Lawn Bowling Club. However, later in the week, on Thursday September 22nd , the Norwich LBC members participated in an in-house tournament with prizes donated by Norwich Foodland and Al’s Tirecraft in Burgessville.

Play commenced at 5 pm with 6 teams playing 3 8 end games. There was a light supper provided after the first game and refreshments following the 3rd game while the prizes were presented. So if anyone was walking along Stover Street on Thursday night and wondered why the lawn bowlers were bowling under the lights – now you know.

The winners of this in-house tournament were Brenda Darmon and Candace Teetzel. Richard and Marlene Learn were second and Donna McLellan and Andrew Birdsell placed third.

In addition to the presentation of prizes for the tournament winners, there was a second presentation made to Andrew Birdsell and Graham Darmon. Earlier in September, they were paired together at a club jitney and scored a ‘perfect end’. That means that all 8 of their bowls were closer than any of their opponents. In recognition of this achievement they were each awarded a Big Shot pin.  It should be noted that Andrew is a Junior bowler – he is 13 years old. Bowlers many years his senior who have been bowling for more years than Andrew has been alive, have yet to accomplish a perfect end. Well done Andrew & Graham!


The final jitney and end of year meeting for the Norwich Lawn Bowling Club will be held on Thursday September 29th at 5:00 pm. After that, it is just a matter of closing up the clubhouse and waiting for the 2017 season to begin!

Tillsonburg Retirement Residence Tournament

Reporting: Edith Cavin

As the lawn bowling season winds down, there was still a lot of activity for the members of the Norwich Lawn Bowling Club.

On Monday September 12, 2016, the Norwich Lawn Bowling Club held the Tillsonburg Retirement Residence Tournament. This tournament is unique in that it is a triples event (each team consists of 3 bowlers) and it is a Snowball, meaning that each team member bowls 4 ends in each position – lead, vice & skip. There were 12 teams from across Southwestern Ontario competing in this tournament , including teams from Burlington, Caledonia, Thamesford & St. Marys. For the first time in a long time, it was a pleasant day – with the temperature in the mid 20s, it was perfect bowling weather.

At the end of the day, Debbie Smits, Director of Community Relations at Tillsonburg Retirement Residence was on hand to present the prizes.

1st place: Peter & Lesley Kurn (Stratford) and Everett Zwiers (Fairmont) with 3 wins and 52 + 1 points.

2^nd place: Gary Moore (Woodstock), Deanna Palmer and Marion Payne (Thamesford) with 2 wins and 48 +4 points.

3^rd place: David Ducklow & Marilyn Lancaster (St. Marys) and Dora Mott (Seaforth) with 2 wins and 46 points

4^th place: Graham & Brenda Darmon and George Lambert (Norwich) with 2 wins and 40 points


5^th place: Frank Pring (Caledonia), Neville Williams and Donna McLellan (Norwich) with 1 win and 41 points.

Later in the week, on Thursday September 15^th , 2 pairs from Norwich were among the winners at a ladies pairs tournament and luncheon hosted at the Woodstock Lawn Bowling Club. The team of Marlene Learn and Brenda Darmon came in first, with the team of Donna McLellan and Candace Teetzel in third place.

That evening the Norwich bowlers attended the final BBQ and jitney at the Ingersoll Lawn Bowling Club. This is a tradition that had its roots in the bowling season that never was – 2011. That was the year when the bowling green in Norwich was unplayable and the Ingersoll club graciously offered to host the Norwich bowlers for the entire season.

Ever since, the two clubs have taken turns hosting each other for a monthly BBQ and jitney. The August event was hosted at Norwich on the one day where there was torrential rain. The rain meant that there would be no bowling, but that didn’t stop the two groups from gathering for an enjoyable meal.

This past Thursday, the weather cooperated and the bowlers were able to play a 10 end friendly match after dinner. This will be the last such gathering as the Ingersoll Lawn Bowling Club is closing at the end of this season. And while it’s sad to think that this tradition will not be continuing, we know that the friendships made and cemented over the past 5 years will carry through regardless of where we end up!

Jack Links Final Tournament

On Monday September 5^th , 2016, the Norwich Lawn Bowling Club hosted an Open Pairs tournament, sponsored by Jack Links Canada. This is the only Open Pairs, meaning the teams can consist of any 2 bowlers, tournament in the Norwich club’s schedule.

The tournament was well attended with 14 teams from across southern Ontario participating. There were bowlers from Burlington, Caledonia, Cambridge, Elora, Ingersoll, Thamesford, Woodstock, Embro and Simcoe, as well as from Norwich.

And while the calendar said September, the temperature and the humidity sure felt like July. However, the teams all managed to complete the 3 12 end games of the tournament with very little difficulty.

At the end of the day, the winners of the tournament were as follows:

1st place – Bruce & Linda Smith (Burlington) – 3 wins & 45 + 1 points

2nd place – Silver Papais (Ingersoll) & Ron Gregory (Thamesford) – 3 wins & 37 points

3^rd place – Jim Smith & Larry Hewitt (Woodstock) – 2 wins & 43 + 1 points

4th place – Frank Pring (Caledonia) & Nev Williams (Norwich) – 2 wins & 40 +3 points

5th place (High Aggregate) – Donna McLellan & Candace Teetzel (Norwich) – 1 win & 39 +3 points


Candace Teetzel and Nev Williams provided the snacks fruit and cold drinks for the bowlers, while Edith Cavin and her assistant, Kirsten Michie, ensured that the kitchen ran smoothly throughout the day.

Many of the bowlers noted that the Norwich greens were fast and in good shape. Credit for this is given to the greenskeeping skill of Norwich’s James McLellan.

While the season is winding down, club jitneys are continuing until the end of September. With the heat and humidity continuing to be a factor, the club jitneys are continuing to be held in the evening – while it feels like summer, the club will continue to bowl like summer. However, the Thursday jitney this week was cancelled due to the threat of rain, which didn’t actually happen. The skies were ominous and rain appeared imminent, so the decision was made to cancel play.

New bowlers are still welcome to come out and give lawn bowling a try, Tuesday or Thursday evenings at 6:15.


Embo Final for 2016

Norwich teams had some success at the closing tournament at Embro LBC on Thursday, Sept. 8.  Clubs from Stratford, Simcoe, Embro, Norwich and Fairmont had a very nice day of bowling.  The clouds gave great protection from the sun but not rain!  Thanks to Jo-Ann from Ingersoll LBC who came up to do the drawmaster duties for the day.

2nd Donna and Nev

1st  Donna and Nev

3rd Roger and Marlene

4th Roger and Marlene


The End Of An Era

After 114 years in the same location in Ingersoll, Ontario, the Ingersoll Lawn Bowling Club held it closing tournament on Friday 2, Sept.  The tournament was a success with 32 bowlers making the best of fast greens and hot sun.

On behalf of the clubs and the bowlers in District 3, a fairwell cake was presented to the Ingersoll club members.


ingersoll-close-2sept15-2 ingersoll-close-2sept15-4


ingersoll-close-2sept15-6 ingersoll-close-2sept15-7 ingersoll-close-2sept15-8
Soon gone, but long remembered

Soon gone, but long remembered