Norwich Ladies at Embro

And on other greens…
As evidenced by the success of Nev and Donna at Aylmer, our lawn bowlers not only do well at their home club but also at other clubs in District 3.
On July 13th (lucky for some!), the all-lady team of Skip Linda Hawken, Vice Candace Teetzel and Lead Marlene Learn took on the competition at Embro in their second tournament of the year, a Mixed Triples/Ladies’ Triples.  (Linda was a fill-in for Marlene’s husband Richard who recently underwent major surgery.)  Eleven other teams took part, two of them also from Norwich LBC.

After two wins, they came up against Rick Wood and his team of Kay Johns and her mother Trudy in the final game.  The score was low but they managed to squeak in enough points to come in fourth place (Rick’s team came first).
A delicious cold roast beef lunch was prepared by the ladies of the Embro LBC and was enjoyed after the first game and desserts after the second.  A very hot day but with a nice breeze to enjoy the summer outdoors!

Fourth place: Linda, Candace, Marlene

Fourth place: Linda, Candace, Marlene

Ladies’ Day at Norwich Lawn Bowling Club

Group shot-sml

On July the 4th, twelve teams of Ladies Pairs took part in the annual Marie-Jose Vanderhaegen Memorial tournament and luncheon sponsored by Oxford Insta Shade. Players included those from Aylmer, Thamesford, Embro, West Lorne, Kitchener, Stratford, Dufferin (Brantford), Simcoe and Norwich.

Kathleen Welch and Tony Hawken were the drawmasters for the day and together did a fine job of organizing the draws for each game.

Several men members of the Norwich LBC served the ladies a delicious lunch prepared by Maddie Nobels and Elaine Balpataky.

Maitre-de, George

Maitre-de, George

After 3 games had been played, in wonderful conditions with hot temperatures but a nice breeze and afternoon cloud cover, the only team that won all their games was that of Dorothy Forbes and MarionPayne from Thamesford. In second place was the team made up of Norwich Skip Linda Hawken and her Vice Lesley Kurn of Stratford. Third place went to an all-Norwich team: Brenda Darmon and Marlene Learn. The fourth place went to Sue Roth of West Lorne and Deanna Palmer of Thamesford. With only one win but with the highest number of points in that category was the team of Ruby Withington and Maddie Nobels of Norwich.
Still looking for outdoor summer fun that the whole family can enjoy? Kids (from about 10), parents and grandparents can all take part in this game that takes very little time to learn.

Free lessons are available from a capable member of the club and can be arranged by contacting either President Kathleen on 519-863-5635 o,r Vice-President Linda on 519-409-0202. Lawn bowls are free to use while learning and the only dress requirement is flat-soled shoes.
Photo credits: Linda Hawken & Kathleen Welch


Preston Cycle – Full House

A Scorcher at Norwich Lawn Bowling Club

Report by: L. Hawken
They say that “mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun…”, but you can add “lawn bowlers” to that quip as evidenced by the 16 teams that gathered at Norwich Lawn Bowling Club on June 20th for an Australian Pairs tournament. They came from Burlington, Simcoe, Stratford, Woodstock, Ingersoll, London, Embro, Aylmer and of course Norwich to take part. Preston Cycle was the sponsor for this tournament.

The format was one that hasn’t been played at Norwich before but one that all players enjoyed, especially as it put a new twist on the game.
Once the scores were tallied at the end of three games being played, the overall winners were Chuck & Cathy Townsend from London (Fairmont). In second place, also with three wins but fewer points, were Peter & Lesley Kurn of Stratford. In third place were George Menzies & Ruby DuFeu of Burlington with the highest points for two wins; fourth place went to Joe & Jenny Vries of Embro also with two wins; fifth place was awarded to Margaret Beacroft & Tony Farrell also of Burlington and with two wins as well.

Brenda & Graham Darmon did an excellent job of providing refreshments throughout the day – as well as playing themselves! – with help from Edith Cavin. The greens were running beautifully and the visiting bowlers commented on this, so thanks to James McLellan for his excellent work on them.If you and/or the family are still looking for some outdoor exercise and a sport to enjoy together over the summer, it’s not too late to come out and give lawn bowling a try. Across the world, people of all ages and physical ability take part in this strategic and fun game while enjoying friendly company at the same time.Lawn bowling has often been called “curling on grass” and curlers usually make excellent lawn bowlers.

Visit us online at or give either President Kathleen a call on 519-863-5635 or Vice-President Linda on 519-409-0202 to find out more about the club and sport or to arrange for free lessons. Lawn Bowling – The Sport for Life!

McFarlan-Rowland/Legion Br 190

Visitors Triumph Over Norwich Players
Linda Hawken
Norwich Lawn Bowling Club hosted a Mixed Pairs/Ladies’ Pairs tournament on Monday June 6th, sponsored by McFarlan Rowland Insurance and Norwich Legion Branch 190. They proved to be wonderful hosts when, at the end of the day, five of the visiting teams placed in the top six.

In first place, with 3 wins and the highest number of points, was the Stratford team of Peter & Lesley Kurn; second place went to Neville Robson & Ruby DeFeu from Burlington also with three wins. Coming third, with two wins and the highest number of points with that result was the team of Charlie Lyle & Margaret Beacroft from Burlington; in fourth place, also with two wins,was the team of Dave Bell & Katharine Smith from Dunnville & Ancaster; Bruce & Linda Smith from Burlington, with two wins as well, placed fifth. In sixth place with the highest number of points and one win were another husband-and-wife team, Graham & Brenda Darmon of Norwich.
Other towns represented were Woodstock, Thamesford, Simcoe and Caledonia.
The greens were running well and got many favourable comments from the out-of-town teams, thanks to the hard work of the club’s Greenskeeper James McLellan.
Early morning coffee and sweets, lunchtime punch and more goodies as well as watermelon and cakes were all provided by Kay and Hank Couwenberg.
Drawmasters and tournament directors for the day were Kathleen Welch and Tony Hawken who kept things moving along well all day.
If you’re looking for an outdoor activity that the whole family can participate in over the summer, look no further. Lawn bowling may be played by youngsters from the age of 12 as well as by those well into their senior years and everyone in between. Lessons are always free and can be arranged by contacting either President Kathleen on 519.863.5635 or Vice President Linda on 519.409.0202. Our website is full of information about the club and the sport so check it out – lawn bowling is the Sport for Life!
Pictured below: Winners, the Kurns

First - Kurns

and the Norwich team of Brenda & Graham Darmon.

High Ag
Photo credit: Roger Abraham