Norwich Ladies Roll Out on Ingersoll Green

Reporter: Linda Hawken
Seven ladies from Norwich Lawn Bowling Club, making up 3-1/2 teams, took part in the annual Ladies’ Luncheon tournament at Ingersoll Lawn Bowling Club on August 23rd. It was sponsored by McKim Home Hardware & McBeath Dynes Funeral Home.
In all, ten teams took part and played three 12-end games – something that hasn’t been done often this hot, humid summer when the games have been shortened for the wellbeing of the players. Other towns represented were Kitchener, Embro, Thamesford, Simcoe and of course Ingersoll.

At the end of play, only one team had won all three games, that of Linda Hawken (Norwich) and Lesley Kurn (Stratford) and they are pictured below.
Foursome: Ingersoll Drawmasters in red, Winners L to R: Lesley Kurn & Linda Hawken
The Norwich team made up of Joy White and Marlene Learn placed second with the highest points and two wins.
With one win and the highest number of points with that result was another Norwich team of Donna McLellan and Candace Teetzel.
High Ag
The ladies of Ingersoll LBC provided wonderfully tempting sweets and coffee in the morning as well as a delicious BBQ lunch with all the trimmings and decadent desserts with lunch and after the second game. A big thanks must go to the Ingersoll cook who did an excellent job at the BBQ with the burgers, as well as to the ladies who provided all the other goodies.

It has been mentioned before in these articles that lawn bowling is not now necessarily played in white clothes and the photo below illustrates that well. There is one team in mint green, one in red and one with blue striped shirts (the single player in the middle with a yellow shirt was playing with a lady from another club). Also notice that the colour of the bowls is not always black or brown – yellow in the middle and blue, second from the right. Other colours that could be seen on the green that day were purple, red and mauve. Having coloured bowls takes a lot of the guesswork out of deciding who is ‘shot’ on each ‘end’ and also enables players to see from a distance who is lying ‘shot’ (the bowl closest to the ‘jack’ – a little white bowl which is the “target”).

Lawn bowling lessons are always free and are available at Norwich Lawn Bowling Club on a Tuesday or Thursday evening, with social games starting at 6.30. The club’s own bowls (which are all black or brown) are also free to use while you learn. When you do decide to purchase your own set of four bowls, the cost is much less than a full set of golf clubs. Membership in the club is much more affordable than that of a golf club too.

Worldwide, the sport of lawn bowling embraces an age range of 10 to 110, and what other sport can you think of that can say that? And these age ranges may often be seen on the same green, playing in the same social games, which makes it the ideal family sport. “The Sport for All – The Sport for Life” is one of the Canadian lawn bowling mottoes and it certainly is a well-deserved one.
For more information about the club and/or the sport, call President Kathleen at 519-863-5635 or Vice-President Linda at 519-409-0202.
Meanwhile, the Norwich club has prizes for players with the most points, on a Thursday evening. In August, the results of these were:

August 4th 1st – Roger Abraham won a voucher from The Bakers Shop; 2nd – Kathleen Welch won a Ritchies voucher; 3rd – Brenda Darmon won garden tools courtesy of Oakville Milton Humane Society; 3rd – Kay Couwenberg won a Norma’s coffee voucher;August 18th 1st – Roger Abraham – but declined a prize; 2nd – Donna McLellan won garden tools courtesy of Liquidation City; 3rd – Hank Couwenberg won an Our Gift Shop voucher; 4th – George Lambert but – declined a prize; 5th – Marlene Learn won a NAPA Car kit.
Bowling on the 11th was cancelled due to high temperatures and on the 25th, a BBQ was held with members of the Ingersoll LBC.
Pictured below:Group: L to R: Donna McLellan, Marlene Learn, Ruby Withington, Linda Hawken, Diana May, Joy White, Candace Teetzel (Photo credit Lesley Kurn)

A Full House at Norwich Lawn Bowling Club

Linda Hawken
Believe it or not, sixteen teams – a full complement for the eight rinks at Norwich LBC – came out on August 5th, on what could have been the hottest day of the summer, with the humidex making it feel like the high 30s – to play in a Ladies’ Pairs/Mixed Pairs tournament sponsored by Arn Lockie Funeral Home and Norwich PharmaSave.  They came from across south-west Ontario:  Ancaster, Burlington, Caledonia, Simcoe, Woodstock, Embro, Aylmer, London and of course Norwich.

Joy White & Roger Abraham provided the much-appreciated morning snacks and cold drinks throughout the day, with refreshing fruit in the afternoon as well.

Drawmaster Kathleen Welch kept excellent track of everyone’s scores and arranged the three games accordingly and successfully.

When three 10-end (shortened from 12 ends due to the heat) games had been played, the team who had won them all and had the highest points was that of Joan Way & Ruby DuFeu of Burlington.  Also with three wins but fewer points, in second place was the London team of Dave Bell & Sandy Ronson.  The team with two wins and the highest number of points was that of Frank Pring & Shirley Vigler of Caledonia, coming in third place.  Other two game winners were Joe & Jenny Vries of Embro who placed fourth and  Ruby Withington & Marlene Learn in fifth place.  The team who won one game and had the highest number of points in that category was an Aylmer team consisting of Roberta Wilson & Trudy Geling.
It’s interesting to note that of the six teams mentioned above, three of them were made up of two ladies.  Girl power at its best and proof that ladies can compete on an equal footing in this sport, unlike many others.
The photo below shows the Norwich team that placed sixth, Ruby & Marlene.  Photo credit to Roger Abraham.
Lacking the high profile publicity that many other sports attract, lawn bowling is nevertheless a skillful, tactical but easily learned game that should be enjoyed by more people – of all ages!  It is one of few sports that can be played by both sexes on a ‘level playing field’  (as indicated above) and by people ranging in age from 10 to 90.  In recent years, aids for delivering the bowl have been invented and adopted by many bowlers whose joints (back, knees, hips) no longer enable them to bend as well as they once could.  Norwich Lawn Bowling Club has purchased one of these aids for prospective members to try, should they wish.

Free lessons are given by well-established lawn bowlers and club bowls are available to use while you learn.  The cost of a set of lawn bowls is a fraction of the cost of a set of golf clubs or a golf membership and can last you your whole lawn bowling career.  Membership in the club is nominal as well.

Should you want to learn more about our addictive game and the club, or to arrange for lessons, please contact President Kathleen on 519-863-5635 or Vice-President Linda on 519-409-0202.  There is social bowling every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6.30 (arrive by 6.15) when anyone is welcome to try the game.  We also welcome groups looking for a different way to celebrate a special occasion or as a company team building event. 

A Near Clean Sweep for Norwich Lawn Bowlers

Photo credit: Joy White

Who says lawn bowlers are a stuffy bunch?! Just take a look at the photos below and see how fun-loving we really are! And this time, every winning team but one included at least one Norwich player!

Another hot, humid day on July 27th saw twelve teams take to the Norwich LBC green to compete in a Mixed Pairs/Ladies’ Pairs tournament sponsored by First Ontario Credit Union. With refreshments throughout the day provided by Marlene & Richard Learn with Marilyn Robillard, and the green in tremendous shape, a good day was enjoyed by all, playing an unusual format.

For the first time, last year Norwich LBC introduced this four game, three bowl tournament. (A normal tournament comprises three games with each player using four bowls per end.) Since it proved popular the last time, the club decided to use the format again but, as with last year, ends were limited to ten instead of twelve due to the heat.

Teams and single players came from Simcoe, Embro, Ingersoll, Woodstock and Thamesford and Norwich with some ‘away’ players being paired with Norwich players.

There being no outright winner of four games, the first place winner was the husband-and-wife team of Graham & Brenda Darmon of Norwich (high 3-games); in second place, also with 3 wins, was another Norwich team – Nev Williams & Donna McLellan. Splitting up the Norwich winners and in third place were Gary Moore of Woodstock and Deanna Palmer of Thamesford, another team with 3 wins. Two part-Norwich teams came fourth and fifth: Matt Kolenc (Simcoe) and Marlene Learn (Norwich) had two wins and placed fourth; Silver Papais (Ingersoll) and Candace Teetzel (Norwich) were in fifth place with the highest points for one win. All teams are pictured below.

1st579ba28febb9d.jpg 2nd579ba29013b84.jpg 3rd579ba29030c4a.jpg 4th579ba2913700e.jpg

Left to right:Brenda & Graham Darmon, Donna McLellen & Nev Williams, Deanna Palmer & Gary Moore, Matt Kolenc & Marlene Learn. Bottom row: Silver Papais & Candace Teetzel

Do you own a small – or even large – company and are looking for a team building experience for your employees? Lawn bowling is a perfect sport for this as it can be learned very quickly, a game or more can be played in an evening and social interaction is a big part of the game. Norwich Lawn Bowling Club would be happy to host such an event for you, for a nominal cost, and to learn more or to arrange one please contact President Kathleen of 519-863-5635 or Vice President Linda on 519-409-0202.

Go Lawn Bowl! The Sport for Life!


Woodstock Triumphs on Norwich Greens

Photo credit:  Linda Hawken

Twelve teams from south-west Ontario including Burlington, Preston, Simcoe, Woodstock, Thamesford, Ingersoll and Norwich braved the heat and humidity on July 23rd to take part in a Mixed Pairs/Ladies’ Pairs tournament sponsored by White Coad Lawyers of Norwich.

Play was reduced to games of ten ends each, rather than the usual twelve in view of the weather conditions, for which the participants were grateful.
Kitchen goodies were supplied by Donna McLellan & Nev Williams with help from Edith Cavin and Kathleen Welch and her daughter.
With three wins and the highest points, the winners for the day were Gary Moore (Woodstock) & Deanna Palmer (Thamesford), pictured below.  Second place also went to a Woodstock team – Jim Smith & Flo Barclay – who won three games but had fewer points.  In third place was the ladies’ team of Margaret Beacroft & Ruby Du Feu from Burlington with two wins and the highest points with that result.  Matt Kolenc (Simcoe) and Maddie Nobels (Norwich) placed fourth, also with two wins but fewer points.  The High Aggregate prize for one win went to the Norwich team of Roger Abraham & Joy White.

1st 2nd 3rd
4th High Ag

Drawmaster Kathleen Welch kept things moving along well during the day, managing to keep home teams from playing against each other in the first game and then organizing subsequent games so that those with similar points played together – high against second high, etc.Greenskeeper Jamie McLellan has done a remarkable job this summer in keeping the green playable despite the hot conditions and was on hand at the end of the tournament to resume his duties.  Great job, Jamie!There’s still time to try the sport of lawn bowling this summer; our season is only half done and more reasonable temperatures should be on the way.  Social play takes place at the club on Stover Street in Norwich on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (when it’s a lot cooler) starting at 6.30 pm. The club is located three blocks south of Main Street, with access to parking off Carman Street.  Free lessons from established lawn bowlers is given and the club lawn bowls are available to use to get you started.
Lawn Bowling is The Sport For Life!  The Sport for All!
Give either President Kathleen a call on 519-863-5635 or Vice-President Linda on 519-409-0202 to find out more about the club and sport or to arrange for free lessons.

Norwich Ladies at Embro

And on other greens…
As evidenced by the success of Nev and Donna at Aylmer, our lawn bowlers not only do well at their home club but also at other clubs in District 3.
On July 13th (lucky for some!), the all-lady team of Skip Linda Hawken, Vice Candace Teetzel and Lead Marlene Learn took on the competition at Embro in their second tournament of the year, a Mixed Triples/Ladies’ Triples.  (Linda was a fill-in for Marlene’s husband Richard who recently underwent major surgery.)  Eleven other teams took part, two of them also from Norwich LBC.

After two wins, they came up against Rick Wood and his team of Kay Johns and her mother Trudy in the final game.  The score was low but they managed to squeak in enough points to come in fourth place (Rick’s team came first).
A delicious cold roast beef lunch was prepared by the ladies of the Embro LBC and was enjoyed after the first game and desserts after the second.  A very hot day but with a nice breeze to enjoy the summer outdoors!

Fourth place: Linda, Candace, Marlene

Fourth place: Linda, Candace, Marlene