Aussie Rules on Norwich Lawn Bowling Club Greens

Linda Hawken, VP Norwich Lawnbowling Club

Preston Cycles of Norwich once more sponsored a tournament at Norwich Lawn Bowling Club, this time an Australian Pairs one on July 12th. (For an explanation of this game, see the final large paragraph of this article.) Despite forecasts to the contrary, thunderstorms did not appear, for which the players were thankful, however a few showers dampened them but certainly didn’t deter from play.

Fourteen teams from across southwestern Ontario – namely Thamesford, Woodstock, Stratford, Port Dalhouse, Ancaster, Hagersville, St George and of course Norwich – took part. They were served the usual goodies from the kitchen thanks to Kay and Henk Couwenberg. Drawmaster duties were shared between Kathleen Welch, Tony Hawken and Candace Teetzel.

When three games had been played and all the scores had been tallied, the winners were Peter and Lesley Kurn of Stratford with a total of 52+6 points and 3 wins. In second place, also with 3 wins, was the team of Dave Bell (Port Dalhousie) and Katherine Smith (Ancaster) who had 44+3 points. Jim and Sue Roth of Thamesford took third place, winning 2 games and having 50+5 points. Fourth place went to Carman and Clare Morris of Hagersville who also won 2 games and had a total of 45+1 points. In fifth place was the team of Gary Moore (Woodstock) and Deanna Palmer (Thamesford) who had 2 wins and 39 points. The final place, with 1 win and the highest number of aggregate points (32+2) went to Graham and Brenda Darmon of Norwich.

There aren’t many different formats of games to play in lawn bowling apart from singles, pairs, triples and fours, all of which are self-explanatory. But the game of Australian Pairs is one of those differences. In this formant, teams play as pairs. In a normal pairs game, the Lead (first player) would bowl all four of their bowls, alternating with the Lead on the other team. They would then change ends with their Skips (‘captain’ of the team) who would then bowl all four of their bowls, again playing alternately. However, in Australian Pairs (sometimes known as 2-4-2) Leads alternately deliver two bowls, then change ends with their Skips who bowl all four of their bowls, the players again change ends and the Leads deliver their final two bowls. This order remains the same throughout the game but on every other end, the team players exchange positions whereby Skips would deliver the first two bowls, Leads would deliver four and then the Skips deliver the final two bowls. In other words, there is no real ‘Skip’ in the team as the order in which they bowl changes every other end. It sounds complicated but once a few ends have been played, the confusion is usually sorted. There is more walking involved in this format and that makes for a bit more exercise over the course of the tournament too.

Photo: L to R, back row: Lesley & Peter Kurn (1), Dave Bell & Katherine Smith (2), Sue & Jim Roth (3); front row: Gary Moore & Deanna Palmer (5), Brenda & Graham Darmon (6). Missing: Carman & Clare Morris (4)

Photo credit: Linda Hawken

Norwich Canada District 3 BBQ

Held at Norwich Lawn Bowling Club, the inaugural District 3 BBQ took place on June 29th. In view of the nearness of Canada’s 150 Birthday, most players dressed in red and white. Bowlers attended from Thamesford, Embro, Woodstock and of course Norwich Lawn Bowling Clubs. Looking forward to the next one!
Report and Photos: Linda Hawken

Results of the district fours playdown

District 3 – Fours

Wayne Wright -Skip
Jim Roth
Ron Whitehead
Tom Roth
Sue Roth – Skip
Michelle Whitehead
Rita Wright
Laurie Roth


Thanks the the team at Embro LBC for all the work on the greens. Bit damp and cool in the morning for the first game, but the second was good. Greens dried out a bit and the bowls got a better curve to them. Really good bowling by both teams and it all came down to the final bowl of the 16th end of the second game. Congrats to all!

News from the OLBA Board Room

25 March, 2017. From Ken Simpson
Lots of change happening.

The spring general meeting is fast approaching. All OLBA lawn bowlers are invited to attend in Woodstock Saturday the 22nd. of April . There will be vendors and demonstration areas for you to enjoy. This is also a chance to renew your acquaintance with bowlers from across the province.

Delegates need to register now. Please go to the website and register it is easy.

NEW THIS YEAR at the General Meeting
Friday evening April 21st. Ontario Bowers are invited to attend a meet and greet hospitality room at the the hotel from 7 pm to 9 pm. This is a chance for all bowers to meet with the directors and appointees one on one in a pleasant social atmosphere the night before the general meeting.
The hospitality suite is open to official delegates and all Ontario Bowlers who are able to attend.

2018 championships
The OLBA Championship committee has finalized their report concerning the proposed BCB changes for 2018 going forward. The Championship committee received input from many Ontario Bowlers. A copy of the report which has been forwarded to BCB is attached. BCB will take into consideration the input from Ontario and the other provinces and make a final decision concerning the program for 2018 going forward. Report: report to BCB *See Below*

Conditions of play
The championship committee have completed a huge undertaking in redoing the Conditions of play. Hats off to Tom Roth and his committee for the many hours that they have worked on this. The 2017 conditions of play may be seen in detail on the OLBA website. Please note that the Championship committee will be undertaking a complete review of Conditions of play for 2018 to address participation issues and the expected changes for championships coming from BCB. The championship committee will start this process immediately following the Spring general meeting and will be looking for input from Ontario Bowlers at that time. The 2017 conditions of play are posted on the OLBA website.

The new conditions of play have many changes to bring them into line with the BCB conditions of play which are in force at the Nationals. These changes provide two advantages for our athletes. a) they get experience with the rules they will face at the Nationals and b) conforming to BCB officiating and conditions of play helps us qualify for Government grants.

The Ontario conditions of play have been altered to allow TEAM sponsors to have advertising on team clothing. This initiative is designed help Ontario athletes secure sponsors to help defray the cost of competing.

The grants process in Ontario has evolved and required a number of changes and documentation had to be developed and approved by the board. Hats off to Phillip Francis and his committee for working their way through the mountain of paper work and finally achieving this years approval for our organization and member clubs.

The director for Greens Steve St. Pierre and his committee headed by Charlie Roach have set up a seminar for greens keepers to be held April 29 at the Burlington Lawn bowls Club. Please check out the article on our website for more information.


After having very limited response from our competitive players in Ontario the OLBA
Championship Committee has the following recommendations:
We support option #1
1) Elimination of the triples
2) Fours and Pairs for the National Championships with the National Singles at the same venue
following the Fours/Pairs event.
3) Random draw for “wild card teams” from all Provinces
4) Players competing in the National Fours, Pairs and Singles will not be allowed to play in the
Senior and Mixed Pairs events.
5) Multi province teams allowed for the smaller Provinces
6) Age restrictions for all Youth events

Our Concerns and consideration for change:
1) Seniors age limit should be a shorter time to get to age 65, “Grandfather” in those already
playing and get the age up to 65 over 5 years instead of 10.
2) Schedule of events. We feel it is better the leave the Championships where they are in the “calendar
year” to accommodate the weather, teacher and student players.
3) Senior and Mixed Pairs should be held on different dates and kept separateas these are very
popular events in Ontario and gives Players more of a chance to get to the Nationals.
4) BCB should establish a minimum green condition and speed for holding a National Championship and
have available a qualified person to give advice on getting a Host club greens up to the target criteria.
5) BCB should develop a plan for training and compensating umpires for National events.

Tom Roth
OLBA Championship Chair

The End Of An Era

After 114 years in the same location in Ingersoll, Ontario, the Ingersoll Lawn Bowling Club held it closing tournament on Friday 2, Sept.  The tournament was a success with 32 bowlers making the best of fast greens and hot sun.

On behalf of the clubs and the bowlers in District 3, a fairwell cake was presented to the Ingersoll club members.


ingersoll-close-2sept15-2 ingersoll-close-2sept15-4


ingersoll-close-2sept15-6 ingersoll-close-2sept15-7 ingersoll-close-2sept15-8
Soon gone, but long remembered

Soon gone, but long remembered