About NLBC

Lawn bowling has often been compared to curling, except it’s not played on ice and it’s played outdoors. Also, instead of a painted target on the ice, players in lawn bowling aim for a small white ball called the “jack”. A bowl touching the jack has a chalk mark put on it by the team’s captain (called the “Skip”). If that marked bowl should be hit and knocked into the ditch (which borders all four sides of the green and is usually filled with sand), it is left there whereas any other bowl that is delivered and ends up in the ditch is “dead” and removed from the ditch. If the marked bowl is the closest bowl to the jack at the end of play, it is counted as part of the score for that end.

Want more explanation about the game of lawn bowls or want to hear about the Norwich club? Give one of us a call and we’ll be glad to enlighten you or tell you more about the club – Kathleen on 519-863-5635 or Linda on 519-409-0202. Social games are played every Tuesday and Thursday evening, games starting at 7 pm. Directions to the club are on our website: http://www.norwichlawnbowling.ca./ Free instruction will be given as well as use of the club bowls while you learn; please wear flat-soled shoes (sneakers are fine).

Ladies Luncheon at Norwich Lawn Bowling Club